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Caulk is a necessity for most any countertop job. It can be very unpredictable. Sometimes you can caulk once and it will never come out, sometimes you have to caulk three, four, maybe five times before it's done expanding and contracting. For this reason we use caulk that not only has a latex additive, but silicone too. This gives the caulk extra stretching ability so that it resists cracking and shrinking. We recommend that you check the caulk joint on your new countertops frequently after the initial installation, especially around the sink. If you see any voids, you should fill them as soon as possible.

Now the good news: we have caulk in every color imaginable. So, if you pick a countertop that is Navy Blue, Shocking Pink, or Emerald Green (to match your eyes), we have the color match caulk for you. This helps make the joints between the countertop and the backsplash look seamless.