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Repair Tips

Unfortunately laminate is not the easiest product to repair successfully, but things can be done to lessen imperfections.

Burns: A small burn like that of a cigarette left burning on the edge of a countertop can be reasonably repaired as long as it has not burned thru the color. Lightly sand with a scotchbrite pad but exercise caution, when you sand laminate that area will become shiny so you must expand the sanded area out and blend it in with the non-damaged area in the same manner you would if you were painting over a repair on an automobile. Burns that blister or burn thru to the underlayment are not repairable.

Scratches: Scratches are like burns and may be lightly sanded using the same technique but just like burns you cannot sand out a scratch if is so deep that it has penetrated the phenallic back. Once again it must be feathered out and blended with the non-damaged area.

Chips: Chips can be filled with a color match laminate repair material called seam-fill. This product is not the easiest to work with because it dries and hardens quickly, but it will do a credible job if done right. You will need to have some acetone available, it is the only solvent that makes the seam-fill workable/shapeable and the only solvent that will clean up any leftover residue. A putty knife works well to shape and level the material.

If an area is damaged beyond repair there is still one more remedy. The area can be cut out and replaced with a very useful item that can save the top and eliminate the need for a completely new top. The Surface Saver is a multi-purpose cutting board that can be built into your countertop and installs just like a stainless steel sink. This helpful and functional item comes in two sizes and is made of tempered glass so it won’t cut, or breed bacteria like most other cutting boards, and it comes in lots of colors.