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Laminating Tips

Wrapping Radius Corners: Outside corners of your countertop can be made safer, and better looking by making the square corner a rounded, or radius corner. To do this you first need to choose the size of your radius. Donít forget to add extra overhang to your top so when you cut and shape your radius you donít cut away to much and expose the corner of the cabinet. Now that your radius is cut you can wrap it with the laminate edgeband. A bit wider edgeband is always a good idea since it can run off in the wrapping process and then it may have to be taken off and re-stuck. If you are attempting to wrap a small radius (3Ē or smaller) the laminate will need to be heated with a heat gun. This is a very delicate procedure, too much heat will blister the laminate, not enough heat and the edgeband will crack. If possible stick to a 4Ē-5Ē radius and you should be fine.

Fitting Seams: Any top that is more than 5í wide or 12í long will require a seam. Clamping your laminate sheet to a straight edge and running a laminate router bit down itís length will assure a clean, chip free edge that is ready to seam up to the other piece. A color match seam-fill will complete the job.