The Formica Shop


Handling Your Order

Your laminate will be delivered in a special carton to reduce shipping damage. Laminate is typically manufactured 1" larger than sheet size. For instance a 48" X 96" sheet will come approximately 49" X 97" this allows for some chips, cracks, etc, during the manufacturing and shipping process to occur and still receive a usable full sheet.

Once you receive your laminate inspect the inside and outside of the carton for any signs of physical damage before unrolling. Any damage must be reported within 24 hours of receiving your laminate.

Make sure you have the appropriate space to unroll your sheet(s). You can carefully cut your carton open using a utility knife. Try not to cut into the laminate when opening the carton. The laminate is rolled decorative side in so if you do accidentally, don't worry, you would only cut into the laminate back and that will not hurt your material.

**Important** Please keep in mind that laminate is sharp and you must handle with care.

Slowly unroll laminate making sure laminate end of sheet is facing flat on a clean unobstructed surface. Check for any flaws or defects.

When you are unrolling multiple sheets extra care should be taken so that the inner sheets don't unroll too fast. Unroll laminate immediately so that you can report any damage and to avoid any curl that will develop and make it difficult to cut.