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Laminate and Stone Compared

Stone Countertops are Expensive and not a DIY Project

Let's face it, real stone is a great material for a countertop, but you can't do it yourself and the cost for a lot of us is out of reach, especially during these tough economic times.

So what are the alternatives?

Solid surface? Quartz? Stainless steel?

None of these materials are a better option; they are all costly, and you still can't do them yourself.

So why not laminate...

...a product that has been greatly improved in durability, functionality, and enhanced looks, plus it's a product you can do yourself!

For instance HD laminate from Wilsonart with the new AEON technology is 3-5 times more scratch resistant than standard Wilsonart brand laminate, and 3-4 times more wear resistant than the industry benchmark.

Formica's new FX 180 with a bevel edge is so close to real stone that your family and friends won't know the difference unless you tell them! If you need another reason to choose laminate consider the significant cost savings.

A Cost Break-down

  Brand Names Average Cost
per Sq. Ft. Installed
Quartz Zodiaq, Cambria, and Silestone $75.00 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Granite   $65.00 $$$$$$$$$$$$$
Solid Surface Corian, Gibraltar, and Avonite $60.00 $$$$$$$$$$$$
Decorative Laminate Formica, Wilsonart, and Pionite $25.00 $$$$$

Compare this to purchasing from The Formica Shop and installing it yourself!

Shipped right to your door – you just add wood.
    Material Cost
Decorative Laminate Formica, Wilsonart, and Pionite $11.00 $$

So if you're fixing up your house or a house to sell, give yourself or your prospective buyer the look of real stone, save thousands, but still make it look like a million bucks!

With the money you save you'll be able to buy a new refrigerator or range.

So come on, do it yourself, it's easier than you think and we can help with professional advice and know-how that only comes from three generations of laminating experience!