The Formica Shop


Cutting Laminate

There are several ways to cut your laminate:

  1. A table saw is best. With the decorative side up, push the laminate through at a medium pace. Some chipping may occur so always allow 1/2" 1" more than needed and router off the excess during fabrication. Depending on the sharpness and amount of teeth your blade has, and the pace at which you feed it into the blade will determine how clean a cut you will ultimately get.
  2. A circular saw can be used but is not highly recommended. Cut decorative side down. Masking tape on the cut line will help reduce chips and fractures during the cut process. Keep in mind to always oversize your cut to router off later.
  3. A Score Awe cutting tool or laminate shears can also be used. The Score Awe tool is a score and snap tool and is not highly recommended but is an inexpensive alternative. Laminate shears may take extra time but work wonderfully in cutting your laminate to size and also cut edgebands to length quickly and cleanly.
  4. Jig saws are not recommended.

**NOTE** When cutting your laminate deck (top surface) into an L or U shape, exercise extreme caution not to break the inside corner. IT MUST BE SUPPORTED! You can use a trim router to round the inside corner and lessen the risk of cracking your sheet.